Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Open Systems

"Quantum Foundations of Classical Reversible Computing" (Entropy 23, 6, 701 (2021) )

    • Michael P. Frank and Karpur Shukla

"Special Session: Exploring the Ultimate Limits of Adiabatic Circuits" (Proc. of the IEEE 38th Intl. Conf. Comp. Design 1, 21 (2020))

    • Michael P. Frank; Robert W. Brocato; Thomas M. Conte; Alexander H. Hsia; Anirudh Jain; Nancy A. Missert; Karpur Shukla; and Brian D. Tierney

In Preparation

Applications of Fermi Liquid Theory

Holographic Entropies and Conformal Field Theory

Other Work

Data Analysis for Experimental Biological Physics

Synergistic Biophysical Techniques Reveal Structural Interactions of Engineered Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides with Membrane Mimics (Chem. Eur. J. 26, 6247 (2020))

    • Frank Heinrich, Aria Salyapongse, Akari Kumagai, Fernando G. Dupuy, Karpur Shukla, Anja Penke, Daniel Husterd, Robert K. Ernst, Anna Pavlova, James C. Gumbart, Berthony Deslouches, Peter Y. Di, Stephanie Tristram-Nagle