Research and Physics Work

Welcome! You can find my publications here, and my talks and posters here.

Broadly, my research interests lie at the intersection of geometric phenomena in quantum systems, conformal field theory, quantum thermodynamics, and condensed matter theory. Underlying all of these phenomena are a few key questions. What are the geometric properties of the spaces that quantum systems live on? What are the properties of quantum systems at finite temperature and out of equilibrium? What can the geometry and entropic properties of quantum spaces tell us about their finite-temperature and nonequilibrium properties? And, finally, how can these manifest in physical systems?

Right now, I'm working on a few key questions to try and tease out the underlying details of this structure, which are interesting in terms of physics theory as well as potential engineering applications. If you're interested in any of these or other topics touching on the questions I'm curious about, please get in touch! I'm currently working on:

  • Geometric properties of Gorini-Kossakowski-Sudarshan-Lindblad (GKSL) dynamics with multiple steady states, and their applications to condensed matter systems, classical information processing, and quantum information processing.

  • Properties of conformal field theories out of equilibrium, finite-temperature and holographic entropic properties of CFTs, and the ways by which nonequilibrium CFT phenomena manifest in condensed matter.

  • Applications of shortcuts-to-adiabaticity on systems supporting soliton motion, and exploiting the symmetry algebras / hierarchies of soliton systems to realize bit manipulation.

  • Applications of Fermi liquid phenomena to novel device engineering.

Before my current appointment, I was a visiting faculty and research associate at the Centre for Mathematical Modeling at Flame University. I received my M.Sci. in physics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2016, and my B.Sci. in physics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014. There, I worked under Di Xiao on optoelectronic phenomena on the surfaces of topological insulators, in particular examining properties of the photogalvanic effect on the surfaces of topological insulators at zero and finite temperature. I also had the brief opportunity to work on curve fitting for experimental soft condensed matter physics under Stephanie Tristram-Nagle, as well as on analytic analysis of the dynamical RG flow of the Ising model under Robert Swendsen.